Farming artisanal spirulina

spirulina da serra - artisanal spirulina


Spirulina from the Serra de Monchique

Our artisanal spirulina farm is located in the the Serra de Monchique, Algarve, Portugal at  700m above sea level in a “Natura 2000” natural reserve, We have our own groundwater reservoir, clean and healthy air, surrounded by pure nature and a wonderful view to the Atlantic Ocean.

This environment, combined with our expertise has the perfect conditions for a high quality artisanal spirulina production. Our vision is to turn this artisanal spirulina farm into an agricultural and human development project in compliance with health requirements and the production of biological high quality food.

our artisinal spirulina farm at sunset


Spirulina, the oldest food and the food for the future.

Let your food be your medicine alone, Hippocrates (460- 370 BC)

rhododendrons at our artisinal spirulina farm