Quality charter

Quality charter

Our farming artisanal spirulina culture is carried out under greenhouses, free of various air pollution in a ‘’Natura 2000’’ protected area site, at an altitude of 650 meters at the south side of the Serra de Monchique, Algarve; Portugal.

Spirulina da Serra production tank

Spirulina da Serra production tank


We do not use pesticides or fungicides, insecticides or herbicides.
For compliance with HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which are the European hygiene standards, we use materials with food certification.

For example, sheets used for the tanks are EPDM and the filtration of the spirulina is performed in a white closed room…

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spirulina filtration room

Filtration table

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spirulina paddle wheel

The cultures are agitated by paddle wheels

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The cultures are agitated by paddle wheels, respectful filaments of the spirulina.

Our water comes from a ground source in the mountains, fed by groundwater beneath the mountain of Foia. This water of Monchique is known throughout Portugal, and is even sold as mineral water. It is checked periodically by an approved laboratory.

Drying the Spirulina is performed at low temperature (35-40 ° C) to preserve all the nutritional qualities.
We periodically perform bacteriological and quality analysis of the spirulina trough an approved independent laboratory.

Traceability is ensured by the implementation of a batch management.

We use resealable bags with vacuum packaging; so spirulina sprinkles are protected from oxidation, light and moisture. Their crisp is the sign of their preserved freshness.