For whom and how

For whom and how

Why use spirulina ?

” Spirulina is certainly the most complete nutriment that we can find in nature, whether in plant products or animal sources’’
Doctor Vidalo in ‘’Spirulina, health and prevention blue-green algae’’

For anyone wishing to enjoy an aliment of high nutritional value:

Children / adolescents: during periods of growth with increased body needs essential nutrients.

Sportsmen: spirulina contains, in particular manganese, potassium and selenium essential muscles, magnesium and potassium to prevent cramps, zinc for metabolism of sugars as well as the eight essential amino acids for cell regeneration muscle. It increases endurance and physical strength and thus allows better preparation before a sporting event and facilitates recovery after exercise.

Pregnant and lactating women: spirulina will help before, during and after pregnancy including its intake of vitamin B9 (folic acid) and iron whose needs are increased during pregnancy. After childbirth and during breastfeeding it allows better recovery and avoids fatigue. Spirulina also contains gamma-linolenic fatty acid difficult to find in food; it is essential for to the development of the fetus and infant.

Vegetarians: find in spirulina a good support of complete protein , a reservoir of minerals and vitamins to avoid deficiencies .

Very active people: sometimes it is difficult to juggle work , physical activity, daily life , spirulina with anti -fatigue properties is an ally of choice to deal with burnout.Older and more generally regular consumption of Spirulina allows easily provide the essential nutrients to the body when feeding or assimilation is insufficient or difficult.

How to take spirulina ?

If you are using spirulina for the first time, increase the dose slowly.
[list] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]The first two days 1 g per day (1/4 teaspoon).[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]The third and fourth day 2 g per day (1/2 teaspoon), then gradually increase until it reaches 3-5 g per day according to the energy gain felt.[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]This gradual increase in the amount absorbed allows the body to get used to the spirulina, and moderate potential detoxifying effects. For children half dose is usually sufficient.[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]The most commonly recommended dose is 5 grams per day.[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]It is consumed preferably in the morning and / or afternoon before or between meals.[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]Spirulina between meals can calm a little hungry or alleviate low energy.[/li] [li type=”glyphicon-ok”]You can swallow with a glass of water or fruit juice, mix in yogurt , sprinkle on a salad, mix in a soup or with an avocado…[/li] [/list] Do not heat spirulina otherwise it loses its nutritional potential.
Spirulina is rich in iron and poor in vitamin C. Iron from spirulina will be better assimilated than you eat at the same time a source of vitamin C.

Can I take more?
In case of tiredness, you can increase smoothly the daily amount according to your needs up to 10 g per day or more. Your body will eliminate the amount absorbed without problems if it is too high.